Sustainable Brandon:a wonderful example of what can come out of a Faithful Climate Conversation

Sustainable Brandon
April 18, 2024

A group in Brandon, Manitoba, connected to both KAIROS and Knox United Church, held three Conversations in 2021 based on the resources offered by For the Love of Creation. When the FLC Local Engagement team heard what great work was coming out of that group, now called Sustainable Brandon, we asked them to share the story in a video.

Thanks goes to Madelyn Robinson and Debby Dandy, who created the story ideas and script in collaboration with For the Love of Creation. They were able to bring on Shawn Cao, Production Coordinator, Community Programming at the Westman Communications Group, the local cable television channel. WCGTV brought video assets and expertise to the project, with the agreement that they would be able to use the video on their channel, which is a win-win situation all around. This partnership exemplifies the strong community relationships Sustainable Brandon has been able to develop in just a few years. Thanks also goes to you, the FLC supporters, for providing the funding for this project.

Please share this video and consider starting your own Faithful Climate Conversation.

Read more about the origins of Sustainable Brandon and the successes they are having in impacting their community for greater sustainability.

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