Advocacy Resources

The following resources–prepared by endorsing organizations as well as other collaborators–offer local organizers and participants additional background information and analysis related to For the Love of Creation’s policy priorities.

Increase our national GHG emissions reduction target and invest in a just transition to a fair, inclusive, green economy:

Implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, including, but not limited to, the right of free, prior and informed consent:

Commit equal support for climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in the Global South.

Faithful Climate Conversations

To encourage dialogue on climate change, For the Love of Creation developed Faithful Climate Conversations, a series of guides to facilitate small group conversations and action discernment on climate change. Visit for resources available in French. There are four guides available:

NEW! Climate Action Discernment Process – This guide is intended for use with people who are already connected to each other in an ongoing way, with a goal of moving towards immediate, concrete action while building a foundation for future greater action. This process is designed to follow after engaging in one of the first three Faithful Climate Conversations (below).

Creation, Climate and You – Designed for people who have rarely, if ever, talked about climate change in a group setting before, this guide focuses on gently surfacing peoples’ emotions and underlying thoughts about climate change.

From Concern to Action – For people who may have a basic understanding of climate change or are concerned about the effects of climate change, but remain uncertain about the best ways to act in light of this reality.

Build a Better Future – Meant for people who have already been involved in climate action at some level, this guide focuses on enacting political and systemic change to address the climate emergency.

Self-care as Creation Care

This contemplative resource is a creative arts journal to support you in an intentional and restorative relationship with yourself as a part of Creation. You can do this workbook alone or in a small group, with gathering and centering rituals according to your tradition. The journal is accompanied by three prayerful meditations: 

  • Here on this Land meditation: A body-scan meditation for centering and reconnecting with nature and your own spirit.
  • Outdoor meditation: An outdoors-based guided mindfulness practice to help you connect your senses with the rest of creation. Also possible to do indoors while looking out the window. 
  • Roots meditation: A mindfulness exercise using the imagery of trees. Includes gentle guided breathing, humming, and body scanning.

Take a Sacred Pause

This resource includes a reflection from gkisedtanamoogk, an Indigenous Knowledge Keeper, a deep thinker, who invites us to consider both why and how we love creation and a simple practice using the words Sense, Appreciate, Connect, Respect, Express, Delight (SACRED) to guide us in remembering or discovering how to be in relationship with creation – a relationship of love and respect.

Letter of the Faithful

For the Love of Creation has developed a guide with a series of questions for collaborative theological reflection on climate issues. These questions can be used in small group sessions that will capture critical reflections towards the development of a Letter of the Faithful for the Love of Creation. Anyone can use this guide to host a Letter of the Faithful session in their faith community. The guide includes all the instructions you need to gather a group, facilitate the discussion, and share your reflections for the Letter of the Faithful.

Ethical Framework for a Post-COVID Recovery

Sue Wilson (Sisters of St Joseph in Canada) and Joe Gunn (Centre Oblat) explore the interconnectedness of current crises exacerbated by the pandemic and offer ethical reflections for post-COVID recovery decision-making.