New! Climate Action Discernment Process guide available now

April 20, 2023

The Climate Action Discernment Process guide is hot off the press, just in time for Earth Day. Take a look today and bring it to your community this year. When will be the best time to engage you community? Spring? Summer? Or will you prepare now to engage your community during the Season of Creation in the fall?

The goal of the Climate Action Discernment Process is to help your group move towards immediate concrete action while at the same time building a foundation from which future action can emerge. This process is designed to follow after engaging in one of the first three Faithful Climate Conversations, which provide time for your group to sit together to express concerns and to establish a mutual sense of why it’s important to take action beginning with prayerful reflection. This is critically important foundational work for any group that wishes to participate in sustained and effective action in community.

The Discernment Process is designed to walk your group through a series of steps that can be used in a cyclical way, returning to step 1 when you’ve reached Step 5.

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