Creating for Creation – Together for the Love of Creation

This September, millions of people around the world will take to the streets to demand a rapid, just, and equitable transition away from fossil fuels, as world leaders gather at the UN in New York.
People of many faiths and spiritualities will join together and with others to demonstrate that loving creation, caring for the earth and each other, means a rapid and just transition away from fossil fuels to an energy and economic system that is efficient, fair and equitable. A system based on clean energy sources and produced with respect for nature and the sovereign rights of Indigenous peoples.

Show your love for the earth and each other. Show up on Friday, September 15

Earth Week 2023 – Together for the Love of Creation

We invite all faith communities to be part of the movement and join with faith communities across the country in Earth Week 2023 – Together for the Love of Creation. During the week of April 16 – 23, engage in a climate justice activity…praying, learning, acting. Coming together for the love of creation is a way to connect, grow, listen, inspire hope and affect change. Your activity could be visibly joining a community-wide event or creating something new. This is a chance to reach out to other faith communities and neighbours in your climate justice initiatives.

KAIROS / For the Love of Creation COP27 Delegation

Follow 10 delegates during the United Nations conference on climate change (known as COP27 for the 27th “conference of parties” – that is, signatories – to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) in Sharm al-Sheikh, Egypt. Part of the KAIROS and For the Love of Creation (FLC) Delegation, they will be reporting from Egypt, November 8-18, and advocating for a seat at decision-making tables to tackle the climate crisis.

The experiences were different, from four people on a bridge braving a minus-twenty-degree windchill to a large circle of people gathered on the autumn leaves with robust drumming, but the sentiments are remarkably similar.
It all starts with a sense of urgency and gravity. Musicians led the Brandon group in singing:
We’re on a planet
that has a problem.
We’ve got to solve it, get involved and do it
now, now, now!
We need to build a better future, and we need to start right now!