Increasing dialogue and reducing polarization in the climate conversation in Canada in order to build consensus on the actions we need to take to build a sustainable future for all.

Faithful Climate Conversations

To encourage dialogue on climate change, For the Love of Creation developed Faithful Climate Conversations, a series of guides to facilitate small group conversations on climate change. Visit Pour l’amour de la Création for resources available in French. There are four guides available:

Creation, Climate and You – Designed for people who have rarely, if ever, talked about climate change in a group setting before, this guide focuses on gently surfacing peoples’ emotions and underlying thoughts about climate change.

From Concern to Action – For people who may have a basic understanding of climate change or are concerned about the effects of climate change, but remain uncertain about the best ways to act in light of this reality.

Building a Better Future – Meant for people who have already been involved in climate action at some level, this guide focuses on enacting political and systemic change to address the climate emergency.

NEW in 2023! Climate Action Discernment Process – This guide is intended for use with people who are already connected to each other in an ongoing way, with a goal of moving towards immediate, concrete action while building a foundation for future greater action. This process is designed to follow after engaging in one of the first three Faithful Climate Conversations (above).

Host a Conversation

  1. Choose a conversation that you would like to host and go to the resources section to download the guide.
  2. Follow the detailed instructions in the guide to set up your conversation, invite participants, and facilitate the conversation.
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Did you host a conversation? Tell us about it!

    The most meaningful part of the conversation for our group was talking about how we could build a better future for our university campus…

    Conversation Host

    Edmonton, Alberta

    We were able to encourage one another to think about the possibilities for positive change and several participants commented that they left the conversation feeling more hopeful.

    Conversation Host

    Toronto, Ontario