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We invite all faith communities to be part of the movement and join with faith communities across the country in:

Earth Week 2023 – Together for the Love of Creation

During the week of April 16 – 23, engage in a climate justice activity…praying, learning, acting.

Coming together for the love of creation is a way to connect, grow, listen, inspire hope and affect change. Your activity could be visibly joining a community-wide event or creating something new. This is a chance to reach out to other faith communities and neighbours in your climate justice initiatives.

Change takes all of us. Each action brings hope.

Let’s make hope visible across the country.

Mark Earth Week in a way that reflects and challenges your community. Some ideas to get you started…

Praying:  Include special prayers in your service. Hold a prayer service in creation.

Learning: Hold an open house to share the greening efforts on your property.  Host a Faithful Climate Conversation. Invite a speaker (e.g. a youth or Indigenous COP delegate, or a local Indigenous land or water protector)

Acting:  Meet with elected officials about climate policy.  Organize a collective carbon footprint audit. Participate in Indigenous-led land based activity

Map Activities will be posted on the interactive map below. Input yours today!

If you have questions, contact

Join us for Earth Week 2023, Together for the Love of Creation!

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