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Fold Yourself into a Commitment for the Earth

This September, millions of people around the world will take to the streets to demand a rapid, just, and equitable transition away from fossil fuels, as world leaders gather at the UN in New York.

The masses will be led by youth of Fridays for Future and by Fight Fossil Fuels.

People of many faiths and spiritualities will join together and with others to demonstrate that loving creation, caring for the earth and each other, means a rapid and just transition away from fossil fuels to an energy and economic system that is efficient, fair and equitable. A system based on clean energy sources and produced with respect for nature and the sovereign rights of Indigenous peoples.

Show your love for the earth and each other. Show up on Friday, September 15

This year, the For the Love of Creation Youth Climate Strike Advisory Team calls on all people of faith across Canada to “fold up” their commitment and send it to decision makers.

Write your commitments to change and your calls to governments and corporations about climate justice on a square of paper and fold it into a simple or more complex shape, representing one of the many species that are endangered by climate change and related harms to the earth. 

Climate change affects us all. Let’s see every person with a climate concern create a folded creature to carry their concerns to the decision makers.

Youth in the Advisory Team were struck by ways that people symbolized their support for climate justice during the pandemic. This is a way to indicate your support of the climate strike even if you can’t be there in person. Prepare a written message, fold it into an endangered species, take a picture for social media, and pass it on to someone who will be at the strike or immediately send it to the Minister of the Environment and Climate (details below).

At the strike you could string the animals together to be held between two people or attach them to your other signs or banners and be in solidarity with people of faith across the country.

If there is no strike happening in your area, consider hanging them outside your house or your place of worship, preferably with a sign that indicates your desire for the end of fossil fuels.

Creating with Prayer

Pray mindfully as you write and as you fold each creature. 

Fold as a Group and Put it on the Map

If you are in a group, prepare an opening prayer to bring hearts together in line with the Spirit or Creator. Choose a closing prayer that will bless the creations and the messages that they carry and send the people out in a good way. If you are in a multi-faith group, consider sharing prayers from each faith group who are present. 

If you have created a special time to fold your messages together, be sure to add the occasion to the For the Love of Creation map.

Choosing your Paper

Consider the paper you will use. Will you buy beautiful coloured paper so that your creations are bright and hopeful or will you use all manner of recycled paper, as another way to care for the earth?


Before you begin folding, write on the paper. Consider one or a combination of these options:

  • Write a short prayer
  • Write what you commit to do that gets us closer to a world beyond fossil fuels
  • Write what you are calling on the government and corporate players to do to end the use of fossil fuels
    • Fridays for Future and Fight Fossil Fuels are collaborating this September. Take a look at their Context and Talking Points as you prepare your message
    • Address your message to the politician or business leader you will send it to. We suggest: The Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change of Canada, but you could also send it to a local or provincial politician or to a fossil fuel executive.


Consider the endangered species that tugs at your heart most or choose a folding complexity that suits you. The World Wildlife Foundation has created a number of folding patterns related to endangered animals. For a simple folding option, try the marine turtle or monarch butterfly. You can create a bison or snow leopard with an intermediate challenge. If you are ready for a complex design, try the polar bear. More patterns are available and information on the status of various species is also listed on the World Wildlife site.

Take a Photo

Take a good clear photo of your folded animal(s) that carries(y) your message. Photos with you in them are the best. 

  • Post it on social media. Choose hashtags to amplify your message, such as:  
    • #creating4creation
    • #fortheloveofcreation
    • #JustTransition
    • #ClimateJustice
    • #FaithInAction
    • #EndFossilFuels
    • #FastFairForever 

Convey them to the Strike

If you are going to Strike, find a way to attach them to yourself or your signs in a visible way. You may want to string many animals together and carry them between people.

If you are not able to Strike or there is no Strike in your area, you might find another visible way to display them on Friday, September 15 or send them directly to your chosen recipient. 

Send them to a Decision Maker

An envelope sent to the federal government travels postage-free. Include a note so that they are sure to understand your message. Here is the address we suggest: 

The Honourable Steven Guilbeault
Minister of Environment and Climate Change of Canada
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Multifaith Climate Justice Prayer Gatherings

For the Love of Creation is encouraging Multifaith Climate Justice Prayer Gatherings to feed into the Global Climate Strike. In keeping with our principle of lifting up youth voices, we are seeking and offering an honorarium in each city for any young people (25 and under) who would like to organize such a gathering in their location. For more details, please check out this blog about applying to be an organizer and the types of support you could expect. 

If you know of any Multifaith Prayer Gatherings feeding into the Climate Strike, regardless of who is organizing it, please include them on the map below.

Click here to input your Prayer Gathering on the map.


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